There’s a certain breed of athlete out there that an Ironman or a marathon just isn’t enough!

They breath a different air than other athletes & some say they were dropped on their head as a child!

They’d rather test their body’s limits, than worry about breaking a PB!

They pick events based on the challenge, not on how flat or fast it is, or if there’s a beach! No, the hillier, hotter, longer or more extreme the better!

Normal training plans don’t cover these types of events, as it’s not deemed normal behaviour!!!  Tutt!

Well, us here at Podiumfit don’t do normal behaviour either!

(in fact we actually encourage it!)

Having completed some of the world’s hardest and most extreme challenges ourselves, we know how different and difficult these events are, and that “normal” training and rules don’t apply.

We’re more than qualified and know what we’re talking about!

So, if running 100 miles, cycling the length of the country non-stop (or both together!), doing a double, triple, or Deca Ironman is more up your street then give us a shout for training plans tailored to your needs.

We’re either done or coached athletes to complete and win some the following races:

  • Ultra-marathons from 39.3 up to 100 miles (with or without big ass mountains)
  • Run from Mizen Head to Malin Head (the length of Ireland) in six days
  • Multiple back to back marathons (official coach for 4 marathons in 4 Days)
  • Extreme Ironman distance triathlons including the Norseman, The Celtman, The Brutal, The Braveheart Ben Nevis Triathlons & others
  • Ultra-Distance Triathlons (Double Ironman and longer)
  • Ultra-Distance Cycling events  including the 1350 mile non-stop Race Around Ireland
  • Ultra-Distance Swim Run events
  • 24hr Adventure Races

What Our Clients Say

"Podiumfit helped me finish my Deca Ironman last year finishing 2nd with many more days left in the body, (he is now preparing me for the Double Deca) Flawless planning, any stumbling blocks I put in front of him he resolved very quickly to keep me on track for the main goal. I could not recommend this man highly enough, as he leaves no stone unturned to help you achieve your goal"
Mark Mc Gowan
Irish Deca-Ironman Record Holder
"Paddy has coached me for The Race Donegal in 2018 (Which I won), a 105 Ultra-Marathon in 2019 and in 2020 for a Mizen Head to Malin Head run over 6 days. Paddy's training plans are very structured but flexible when life gets in the way. he takes all the guesswok out of training & has always got me to the start line in the best possible condition. I cannot recommend Paddy highly enough & he will be the first person I contact when I decide on my next Challenge"
Julie Mc Mullin
Winner of The Race & Mizen-Malin Head Ultra-Runner
" Paddy has been a brilliant coach. He is a hard task master but is also supportive and listens to your worries & concerns. He will tailor your training plan so that it works with your lifestyle and helps you achieve your goal. With Paddys help I have completed 4 Ultra marathons, ran a 105 race, and ran from Mizen Head to Malin Head in six days with Julie Mc Mullin"
Loretta Cullen
Mizen-Malin Head Ultra Runner
" I can't recommend Paddy & Podiumfit highly enough. I entered The Race Donegal but didn't have a bike! Paddy sorted a bike for me within my budget. He delivered a thorough and well thought out plan. He also texted and phoned to make sure that everything was going well. I entered a 105 mile ultramarathon and this was incorporated into the plan. It was brill & I got through both races comfortably. The schedule and the encouragement all from Paddy made it so much easier.
Eilish Bell
Ultra-Marathon Runner
" Paddy has been a great help to me over the last few years as I entered the ultra world of madness with my daily training plan and advice while keeping me on track. Not only can I highly recommend him but have trust in his plans and know he'll be there with encouraging words or if I need advice. Can't wait to have many more adventures in the future. Thank you"
Irene Finnegan Monaghan
Mountain Runner & Adventure Athlete