Fitness & Metabolic Testing

Why get tested?

As athletes we all want to get the best bang for our buck from all the training that we are doing. The best and most effective way of doing this is making sure that we are setting our training intensities at the correct levels

At Podiumfit we take all the guesswork out of your training plans by getting your personal training zones professionally accessed and explained in an easy to understand way.

Offering a variety of services we will make sure that you will have the correct heart rate, power and metabolic information to help guide your training and pace & fuel your upcoming races

Lactate Threshold Testing

Lactate threshold point, is the exercise intensity at which the blood concentration of lactate acid begins to increase rapidly.

Exercising above this point will see a drastic increase in perceived effort, muscle fatigue, blood acidity and respiration rates as the body is unable to clear the extra lactate and hydrogen ions from the bloodstream.

Using a graded interval ramp test taking regular blood samples, we determine where this threshold point occurs and are then able to give detailed heart rate and power zones to base your training.

Vo2 & Metabolic Testing

Vo2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen that your lungs can extract from the air and supply to the working muscles during exercise.

Metabolic testing is determining how your body breaks down fats & carbohydrates & in what amounts to burn as fuel for your exercise.

Using our metabolic cart, we will be able to calculate Vo2 max, ventilatory thresholds and metabolic rates to set training zones and fueling strategies to power your training & racing.

Remote Testing

*** Coming Spring/Summer***

Going to a testing facility is no longer needed to gain accurate training and metabolic information.

Using a set testing protocol we can determine your Vo2 max, VLA max and metabolic rates and set accurate training zones.

More information available on these services soon