Nutrition Coaching

Getting your nutrition & food spot on is key, whatever your individual goal is whether it be fat loss, maintain lean mass, chasing the elusive personal best or simply general health & fitness. It is the foundation on which everything else is built and an integral part for optimal recovery and fuelling your training needs.

Getting your nutrition right is just as, if not as important as putting all the hard yards in pool, road or gym.

Nutritional Coaching

Not just a diet analysis and calorie counting, we help our clients set good long term nutritional goals and behaviours while educating them on the importance of proper nutrition for health and performance. 

Starting with an initial consultation, an initial nutritional plan then weekly check in and zoom calls to see how you are getting on.

Your nutritional plan will then be adapted and modified throughout the plan to make sure that your hitting your targets and goals

Coaching plans available for 12, 16 or 20 weeks

Metabolic Analysis

Using gas exchange and a metabolic cart we can determine how your body produces its energy and burns its fuel.

We can determine your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which is the amount of calories your body needs just to survive daily without exercise. And doing exercise how many calories of fat and carbohydrate you are burning at certain intensities. This will greatly help how you fuel for your event, and mkae sure you hit those personal nutritional targets

What people say?

Since working with Jenna I have shed 8kg, overhauled my diet and feel so much better. I understand how what I eat will affect my mind & body. With regular check ins we have been consistent & adjusted my nutrition strategy for my personal needs and to get the best possible results for me.
Meaghan Lyons
Since I started implementing a healthy nutrition strategy there has been a significant difference in my daily life (dropped 4kg in 10 weeks) and feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I always felt sluggish & bloated but since I have implemented Jenna's changes the results have been amazing! I have alot more stamina & endurance at hockey training & I recover alot quicker after matches/sessions. But the biggest change have been my body composition with less body fat and more muscle tone
Rachael Greer
Dropped 7kg in 12 weeks & 12mins quicker over 10k My understanding of nutrition has grown so much, before this I thought I knew enough about nutrition to get me by. However this is nowhere near the case. The education about nutrition has been unbelievably helpful to make me feel better day to day, not just when training. Implementing a nutrition strategy has improved my performance, recovery & overall health, helping me stay clear of aches & pains making my season longer and more enjoyable
Jeremy Greer
Dropped 10kg in 18 weeks My performance has definitely exceeded my expectations. I feel stronger & able to push myself more when nutrition is on point. Good food = good mood& therefore mindset is on point. I have got leaner and dropped 2-3 dress sizes. Recovery is a lot smoother & quicker. Thanks to Jenna I am within arms reach of my goal , a goal I thought I was never going to achieve. It is thanks to het guidance, support & professionalism that I feel fitter, healthier & stronger both physically & mentally
Claire Mc Cartan